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Find Your Colour

Personal Colour Consulting

Service from Korea

Discover your personal colours

Find the colours that will help you look and feel your best. We take a customised and holistic approach to the process, taking into consideration your skin tone, wardrobe, lifestyle, daily activities, and personality.

Our goal is to help you find colors that make you feel confident and comfortable in your own self.

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What is
Personal Colour?

At Find Your Colour, we define personal colour in 16 types according to temperature (warm vs. cool), brightness (light vs. dark), clarity (clear vs. muted or soft), contrast, and reflectivity.

Find your own colour palette with us now!





Make-up & Styling





Image by Steve Johnson

Colour Therapy &

Art Experience





1:1 (60 min)

A private session that covers:

  • Personal colour overview

  • Colour draping

  • Identify your type

  • Make-up & styling guide

  • Personalised reports

for 1 person


Find Your Colour CNN article thumbnail.jpg

I needed a new wardrobe after chemo changed my hair. Could Korean-style ‘color analysis’ help?

by Lilit Marcus, CNN (Nov 14, 2023)

"I went to my session with her expecting some general advice about whether I should wear neutrals or pastels. What I got was a combination of makeover and therapy session, both of which I needed desperately."

Hear from our customers

"I learned a lot about what colours suit me and also about applying the types to clothings, makeup, accessories etc. There is also a personalised report after the session so I have an electronic record of the colour types and tips. 
A very fun and unique experience and I highly recommend it!"
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